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Care to help you stay independent longer

Our home care service for older people centres upon enabling them to continue living independently or semi-independently in the comfortable and familiar environment of their own home, for as long as possible.


There is increasing demand for our kind of attentive, personalised home care, as families and aging individuals realise that it is an affordable (and much more pleasant) alternative to living in residential care, or a nursing home.


People are much happier in their own home

Our fully trained home carers reliably provide, friendly and understanding support, so you can rest assured that your elderly relative will receive the high quality support they need, want and deserve.


We encourage independent living where possible by doings things 'with' the people we look after, rather than doing everything 'for' them. This approach helps elderly people to maintain their dignity, and feel a sense of purpose and wellbeing.


As much or as little support as you need

Our individually personalised approach means that everything is planned around your wishes and requirements. You can receive as much or as little help as you wish, of whatever kind you need; ranging from daily visits to help you get up, bathed, and dressed, and then to get you washed, undressed and back to bed at night - to a short weekly visit just to carry out a few domestic tasks for you and make sure that everything is OK.


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