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Whatever help you need, we can probably provide it

Whether you need lots of help every day or just small amounts of help from time-to-time, we can assist you with a wide variety of personal care tasks, including, for example:


Assistance to start your day well

Help to get up, wash, shower or bath, get dressed and have breakfast. That can also include help using the bathroom and toilet, cleaning your teeth, and shaving.


Preparation for bed

Help with undressing and getting into bed.


Continence care

Including clinical waste service.


Help with your grooming

Hair washing, drying, and combing, foot care, and personal hygiene management. Also help with choosing and looking after your clothes.


Help with your health

Managing your medication, recognising and discussing your health needs, and making appointments for you with healthcare professionals.


Help with food

Support with making drinks, menu planning, food shopping, cooking and food preparation.


If your particular need is not listed above, you'll probably find that we do it anyway - just ask about it.


We  know that every customer is an individual, with unique personal needs, preferences and values, so our staff will not intrude into your personal life. All our support arrangements will be completely personalised to your own requirements, involving your family members if you wish, and we will only provide the services that you have specifically asked for in your care and support plan.



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