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Supported living housing

We believe it is vital our clients enjoy independent living for as long as possible and if people can’t remain in their home any longer, we want them to come and find a new home with us. We are proud to work in partnership with Hazeltree Properties Ltd an experienced social care housing provider with a significant property portfolio.


Living in one of our Supported Living Houses enables people to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional family home, with the security of knowing professional help is on hand 24 hours a day. People remain part of the community they know, sustaining relationships and hobbies. Knowing their loved ones are close by and in a happy, safe environment can also bring huge relief to carers, who may then be able to continue with employment and often enjoy better health as a result.


How it works

In our homes, residents can enjoy a room of their own with a shared bathroom, kitchen, living space and garden with their housemates. Houses, bungalows or flats can be sourced dependent upon your required need and assessment. Décor is homely and people can bring their own familiar furniture and decorate their rooms as they like. If residents have their own family, we expect them to get involved with their relative, and we work with families and carers to agree a support programme including activities and outings in line with people’s interest.


People at all stages of their journey are accepted as residents and our team supports personal care, administration of medicine, and domestic duties.


We also help tenants with visits to GPs and other medical appointments. However, the advantages extend far beyond practical help. Supported living gives people choice - over where they live and their housemates - and allows them to exercise some control over their lives.


It is our aim in our houses, to help our clients remain as independent as possible for as long as possible - it really can provide the best of both worlds. If you think you would be interested in making one of our houses your home (or your loved one's home), we recommend that you talk to us about this option as soon as possible.


Referrals are made through Social Services or by contacting us direct.


Families then enter into a contract with Elevation Care Services for care support and have a separate tenancy agreement with the landlord.


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Supported Living

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